Genacol Product Review

Genacol are the makers of products directed at pain for inflammation.  It is an all natural collagen based product that is recommened for use against:




– Diseases that cause joint inflammation

– Sports Injuries

– Over worked muscles and joints

I myself have suffered from joint pain for a number of years, starting with my hips, then knees and my right hand.

Recently the pain has been in more joints such as my elbows, shoulders, ankles.  So when I heard about the Genacol products I immediately looked them up online and on Facebook.

 To check Genacol out on Facebook click here


They were holding a promotion stating that if you like their page and refer 5 people to their program they would send out 2 full sized products for you to review for them.

 I was happy to be able to take part in this study.  I referred 5 of my family/friends, and received the two products very quickly.

 The first product was called Genacol Triple Action.  They sent a  topical spray. 60ml.


 – Anti-inflammatory

– Penetrating action

– Fact Action

 Used to relieve pain and inflammation of muscles and joints.

 The second Product was Genacol Fast Action. They sent a 30 capsule full sized package.


The capsules are 100% Natural anti-inflammatory that can help relieve joint pain while reducing inflammation.

The recommended dosage of this product is one to two capsules once a day.

 Genacol Fast Action is gentle and safe for the stomach and contains high quality ingredients, like all other products from the Genacol brand.


I was excited to try the spray first.  I suffer from pain in my joints daily.  So I waited until I was having significantly increased joint pain for about 3 days in a row before trying it.

My pain can get so bad that over the counter pain medicines do nothing for me.  I frequently wake night time in pain.

The night I finally decided to try this product I was not able to sleep and had just about all I could take of the pain.

I sprayed the spray on my elbows, knees, and hips as well as my right hand.

I was pleased with the product right from the beginning, it did NOT burn or sting my skin and it had a pleasant smell that only lingered for a very short amount of time. 

I decided to lay in bed and read for a bit while I waited to see if the product was going to work.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a significant decrease in the pain in  each of the joints I sprayed.  I had been almost crying in pain in my joints and after the Genacol started to work I was able to finally sleep well for the first time in three nights.

I recommend Genacol Fast Action topical spray to anyone suffering from joint pain and inflammation.  Great product to use for fast relief.  If you are unable to sleep, or move around without experiencing pain, this product really does work.  I was amazed at how well, and I will continue to purchase this product in the future.

Great product Genacol!!  

 Next I decided I would start taking the Genacol Capsules.  I took them for about 12 days when I started to notice a significant decrease in the amount of joint pain I was suffering.  I do not know exactly when the decrease started.  I just remember one day thinking “wow I have not been having as much pain as usual, especially night time”  I can only accredit this to taking the Genacol Capsules.  I was able to sleep better during the night and had increased movement in the day.

Genacol once again a great product.

I recommend this product if you are looking for something to take daily to help with join pain and inflammation. 

I give both these products a thumbs UP, especially the spray!


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