Dr. Beckmann Color and Dirt Collector test!

I was chosen as a tester for this product from Stain talk Canada on their Facebook page.  http://www.facebook.com/staintalkcanada


I was really excited to get chosen because with three kids there is ALWAYS dirty clothes, always grass stains, dirt stains etc.


I received two color and dirt collectors in the mail as well as a $1.00 off coupon.!!  Anyone who knows me, would know that I absolutely LOVE coupons!!

The product is suppose to be able to be used in a mixed load of laundry, with different colors, whites, darks etc, all in the same load.  The color and dirt protector is suppose to trap the dye and dirt, and save the clothing from color bleeding!


Sounds great!! Now lets see just how this product works!

 I followed the directions that came with the color and dirt protector.  I loaded the washer full of different colors, I made sure to include one white shirt and one red shirt in the mix.


I had to know if this was going to work well, so red and white it was!!



The following notice is also on their product.

 Some of the things I had added into the laundry, a white shirt, a red shirt, dirty socks, kids clothes, I believe I even threw a towel in there, since I wanted the load to be completely mixed in colors and different laundry types.

 Adding the color and dirt protector to the wash.

 When the wash was all done, I compared the white and red, they were washed together and are both still wet in this picture.


My daughters white shirt was still WHITE  (thank goodness or I may have been in trouble for using it as a tester *giggles*)

The red did not bleed into the white at all.

I was very very impressed with this.

This is what the color and dirt protector looked like when it came out of my washer.  Wow.

I am just amazed at the color and dirt that it picked up.

Our town water is not very white looking, so I can imagine what is staying in our clothes, I was happy to see this product actually doing what it is suppose to do.  I think it is a great product, I would recommend it to family and friends, and anyone else who is willing to listen!! 


Great Job Stain Talk Canada and Dr. Beckmann for this great product, and the chance to be a tester!

This review was written entirely by me, because I love this product, I was not compensated in any way for doing so.


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