Kinder Mini Eggs

ImageI was selected by Mom Central Canada ( to sample Kinder Mini Eggs.  I had heard of these but had never tried them until now.  Being a Mom to three children Kinder is a product that we have tried many times.  My kids love their chocolate.  So I was excited to try these.

They are Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs with a Milky Hazelnut Center. Just look at the yummy goodness:

ImageThey are individually wrapped, this was something that I really liked.  Was easy to take one or two and out of the pack for the kids, or to even put in a candy dish or Easter Basket.

ImageMy entire family tried these and they were an instant success. My kids even had their hands out asking for more.

ImageAll in all definitely a product that I would purchase again. They were the perfect size to eat a couple for a treat.  The kids loved them so much and the taste was amazing.

If you have not already given these a try, take a moment to do so, you will not be disappointed.



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