Clearly Contacts

Everywhere I went on the net I would see adds for Clearly Contacts (Clearly Contacts).  The one that caught my eye the most was the 1st pair free adds. I always wondered if this was actually true and I was Clearly….Skeptical.

ImageMy Husband was getting ready to go away to a new job and he needed new glasses badly.  So I decided to give it a try.  Nothing to loose with free glasses right?!

I placed the order for his frames and lenses, and just had to pay shipping which was just over $17.00.  I was super impressed, the last time I purchased glasses for either of us it cost me over $200.00.  So I placed the order and waited for them to arrive.  They ended up bumping our delivery to a faster service, so I never had to wait long.

When they arrived, they came right to my door, and were safely packaged.  They came with Cleaner, cleaning cloth and an eyeglass screwdriver for quick fixes.  Nice bonus’ for free glasses.

ImageWith ordering them off the internet my husband was not able to try them on.  This worried me a little.  We were able to upload a picture and try the glasses on virtually.  I however was still a little concerned.  But I need not to have been because the glasses fit perfectly.

ImageI was so impressed with the service I received from Clearly Contacts that I went on to order my own glasses from them. I choose a pair of Skechers brand glasses.  For my glasses and shipping I paid around $60.00. Image

The glasses arrived as my husbands did in a timely manner with the cleaning solution, cloth and screwdriver.

ImageI am super impressed with the prices, you can search their 1st pair free section, and you can search from lowest to highest price. They have a great selection of frames to choose from and they carry many brand name frames. The speed in which my order was processed was wonderful, they send emails to let you know they are shipped.  Above all else the customer service I received was wonderful, if you have questions they were more then happy to answer your questions and requests.  You can contact customer service by phone or online through their website chat, which was very convenient for me.

I have went on to recommend Clearly Contacts many many times, to friends, family, coworkers and even strangers. I give them 2 thumbs up, and I will definitely be using their services in the very near future.

Clearly Contacts currently got a 1st pair free deal on be sure to check out their website: Clearly Contacts

Enter code: FPF to receive your first pair free. (Offer available for 1st time Clearly Contact customers only)



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