Neutrogena – All-in-1 – Facial Lotion and Daily Scrub


I received these products as a Klout perk because I am a member of

What are Klout Perks? According to
Perks are exclusive rewards given to content creators. Every day, Klout users receive amazing products, special discounts and VIP access because of their online influence in certain topics.

I loved that the perks I received were full sized products.  I was quite excited to get to try Neutrogena.

Unfortunately my excitement was short lived.  They ended up giving me quite a rash on my face and neck.  So I had to discontinue using this after just a day or two of using it.  I did however try the products again once the rash was completely gone to see if perhaps something else had caused the rash.  But again after just a day or two I got the same type of rash.

I did like the way the daily scrub made my skin feel when I did use it, It felt clean, but unfortunately I did not use this product long enough to be able to give a really good review on it.

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