Hasbro Game night with Influenster Canada

I was super excited when I received an email from Influenster Canada saying I was chosen to review Mononopoly Junior for a Hasbro Gaming VoxBox. I was stoked because it was a VoxBox that my kids could enjoy, and my kids are my number 1 priority in life.

Here are our boys waiting anxiously to play after just opening the parcel from Influenster Canada.

IMG_6740The little game pieces were great, bigger and easier for little hands to be able to move around the board. Really cute characters.  My youngest sons favorite was the puppy.

IMG_6743All Set up and ready to play.  The rules were super easy to understand, a good reader in a child would have no problem understanding the rules and playing without any adult help.

IMG_6741All pieces on “Go” and ready to start.  Youngest player starts first, D was super excited.

IMG_6744Here is D counting and moving his Dog the number of spaces on the dice.

IMG_6745I absolutely loved playing this game with my boys.  It was so easy for our 7 year old.  We play a lot of board games with our children, and at times it is hard to get something that has easy rules and is easy to understand for our youngest. The pieces were easy for him to use because they were a little bigger.  The cards were easy to understand and he was able to read many of the words without any adult help. The money is all 1’s which made it super easy for him to count, pay rent, and buy land. The playing time is not too long which is great for younger children being able to keep their attention on the game long enough to play.

We played a 4 player game, My husband, myself, and our two sons, and it took about 15-20 minutes from set up to finish.

The winner of our game was:

IMG_6747He was super proud that he won, he had 22 dollars declaring him the winner over his brother and father after I lost with not enough money to pay rent.

I have to give Monopoly Junior an A++!!  Fantastic game, that is easy to understand for younger children and is still enjoyable for the whole family.

*Disclosure:  I was chosen by Influenster Canada and received Monopoly Junior free for testing purposes I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own*



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