Videl Sassoon Salonist – Hair Dye Review


Being a member of BzzAgent sure reaps some great benefits.  This was my very first campaign and I was super excited to really get to try out the BzzAgent website and review such a great product.

Unfortunately I totally forgot to take pictures of the process or of the contents of the box before I dyed my hair.  Yes I was THAT excited lol.


As  you can see by the back of the packaging the process was just two easy steps.

This was my very first time coloring my own hair.  Usually I would get a friend to dye it for me. So I found the two step process very easy to understand with great instructions that included pictures and descriptions.

The product went on evenly and easily and blended in very well. The color was super vibrant and even after numerous washes the color has not faded and continues to be vibrant.

My favorite things about this product are?

First off my hair felt so soft after being dyed.  I do not think I have ever dyed my hair and actually had soft hair right away after dyeing.  I kept running my fingers through my newly dyed hair.

The second thing that I loved was the fact that after I washed the dye out and used the super nice smelling conditioner my hair smelled great.

I distinctly remember the last time I dyed my hair (before Salonist).  I got into bed that night, my husband turned over and was cuddling me.  He said “What did you wash your hair with?  It stinks”.  So this time with the Salonist hair dye, my hair smelled great right away, no awkward dye smell.

I will definitely be using this product again when it is time to color my hair again.

So what are you waiting for?  You have nothing to loose and but you have Great soft salon quality color to gain.

You can purchase at retailers or online at:


Disclaimer: I received this product free from Vidal Sassoon though the BzzAgent Program.  I received it to try and give my honest opinions and review on.  Allopinions are my own and I will not be compensated in anyway for writing a review.



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