L’Oreal Hydra-Total 5 Product Review



I was chosen to try the L’Oreal Hydra-Total 5 Ultra Soothing Routine.  Can you say I was excited?  I could not wait to try it.  #BeyondHydration #5Works

The line consisted of three products,  Micellar Water, Toner and a Moisturizing cream.

Lets break the routine down:

Step 1:  Micellar Water



This was actually my first time using Micellar water and I was initially a little skeptical about adding another step to my routine.  But that skepticism was quickly resolved when this product did exactly what it claimed it would do.  And not only that, but it was so mild on my skin.  It might just be my new makeup remover and face cleaner.

It removed the makeup and dirt from my skin without having to scrub.  Gentle, gentle, gentle!!

My skin felt very clean and airy after using this product.

The product instructions calls for using a cotton ball, I am not really a fan of cotton balls and chose to use a cotton pad instead and I honestly believe it made the product easier to use.

A++ in my book!!


Step 2:  Toner



My first reaction was….Gel??  Really?!  But I love it.  I love the fact that there is very little scent to this product, it is very mild.  This in my opinion makes it rise above some of its competitors.


I hope you are able to see the gel on the cotton pad above.

As I said above the Gel like texture was a bit surprising, but I really did like it.   My face felt great after applying.


Step 3:  Ultra-Soothing Moisturizer



First off the scent was perfect.  I feel like I am repeating myself in saying that.  But it is absolutely true.  I love how mild these products are.  Nothing too strong.

My initial thought was that this was going to be too heavy of a product because when I took some out of the crock it was heavy and thick on my fingers….


However the product went on very evenly and after a few minutes I could hardly tell that I was wearing a moisturizer.  This is important for me.  I hate feeling products on my face.  So I was pleasantly surprised.

This product kept my face moisturized for the entire day.  My face felt great.



I really enjoyed testing L’Oreal Hydra-Total 5 Ultra Soothing Routing.  The products are definitely some top quality stuff.  I loved them all.  Micellar water will definitely be a part of my routine, and I love that it did not have to be rinsed.   The toner, in gel was actually kinda awesome.  Different, but in a good way.  The moisturizer kept my face moisturized as it was suppose to and did not feel heavy or pore clogging.

Great product line, one that I will be recommending to friends and family and purchasing in the near future.

#5Works #BeyondHydration

Disclaimer:  I received this product complimentary to write an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I will not be compensated in any way for writing this review.



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