L’Oreal Root Cover up through Influenster Canada #rootsavedme #beautyquickie

I was given the opportunity through L’Oreal and Influenster Canada to test L’Oreal Root cover up the following is my experience and review.

L’Oreal Root Cover up is used to cover temporarily cover or conceal grey roots or grey strands in your hair.

I was given L’Oreal Root Cover up in Dark Brown to review, I have to take a moment to apologize here and say that I forgot to take a picture of it while it was in my hair and I had such a bad experience with it that I will not be reapplying to take one.   Read ahead to hear about my experience.

But I will say that it is lightweight and non sticky and did cover the grey perfectly, and blended very well into my hair and it did wash out after one use.


The nozzle is long and pretty pointed which makes it easy to distribute the product to the grey areas quite easily without making any mess.


But for me this is where the good qualities end.

I used it last night when I was getting ready to go out for the night.  The can did not tell me if I could use any heat styling products after usage or not.  Such as a straightener or curling iron but I am going to assume here that I couldn’t.  So I styled my hair and then applied the L’Oreal Root Cover up to my problem grey areas around the sides of my head and some through out.

It covered well as I stated above and I was able to blend it into my hair very well.

Next I went on to us a brush through my hair and it literally was getting stuck as I was brushing.  It felt like I was dragging the brush through a matted knotty feeling hair that was super dry or something.  I am not even sure how to explain the sensation.

I ended up putting my hair in a pony tail because I never had enough time to wash my hair before having to leave to go.

When I got home from our time out I literally could not wait to get this stuff out of my hair.   It took two shampoos using unseen amounts of shampoo to even get this stuff out of my hair completely. The color part washed out pretty quickly but it took a lot longer to get the actual product off my hair.

Next I used a lot more conditioner than I normally would.  It did not even make my hair feel remotely close to its normal self.  My hair felt so dry.

After this I even took an additional step and used a dry oil in my hair to try to add some nourishment back into it.

After two washes with lots of shampoo, more conditioner than I have ever had to use at one time in my life and a dry oil treatment my hair still do not feel the way that it normally does.

I am NOT impressed with this product at all, and I do NOT recommend it at all.   In fact this product will never be in my hair ever again, it is not worth the damage it has put my hair through.

I think this is probably the first time I have ever had to write a review on a product that I completely disliked as much as this, and for that I offer no apologies because I was expected to write an honest and unbiased review which I have done.

#rootsavedme #beautyquickie

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary to write an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I will not be compensated in any way for writing this review.  I stand by all the reviews that I write.



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