Etekcity Digital Body Bathroom Weight Scale (400lbs / 180kg) Product Review


The Etekcity Digital scale came packaged very neatly and securely in a box with a handle and it was shipped super fast and arrived on time.

Package contents:
1 Digital Scale with battery
1 User Manual

My first thoughts after removing the scale from the box was that it looked really nice, almost elegant. The glass was smooth and was free of any scratches or dings. This scale looks nice enough that it is not an eye sore in a room, bathroom or elsewhere. It can almost be placed anywhere and still look great in the room. It is not too thick so it is able to be stored under a bed if you prefer to have it not seen.


This scale came with the battery so I was able to use this product right away after opening the box. I opened the battery compartment and noticed there was a button to turn on the Etekcity scale. This is a great feature because you can turn off the scale when not in use or for storage so you do not run down the battery.

You can choose to set the scale to Kgs or Lbs to suit your needs. I choose lbs as that is what we always weigh ourselves with.


My husband stood on the scale and got a reading of 270.2 lbs. To ensure that the reading was accurate he then stood on our old scale and got the same reading of 270.2 lbs. So the reading is very accurate and we were pleased with the consistency of the two scales. We then tried the same thing with our daughter and also got a consistent reading between the two scales.


The digital display is large enough with large numbers that it is very easy to read while standing on the scale. I also want to note that the reading is really fast and it took maybe 2-3 seconds to get a reading. No need to stand on a scale for a long amount of time to get a reading when you can get one quickly.

The glass also makes it very easy to keep clean.

Over all I am very pleased with the quality of this scale, the glass is nice and sleek and the scale is heavy enough that it does not wobble or tip when you stand on it to take your weight. It measures weight accurately and consistently and the display size is a bonus.

Very nice quality scale which I definitely recommend. Definitely worth the 5 stars!!

You can purchase this scale at:
Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, this did not effect my review in any way. All opinions are my own after taking the time to review this item and I stand behind my reviews and this product.



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