A little about Me

Hi and Welcome to product review blog.

Normally I know exactly what I want to say when I begin writing a blog post, but here I am not sure what to write under the “about me” section. It figures that when it comes to myself I clam up.  I  mean what exactly do I write? What things do I include, and what things do I leave out.

Who am I?


I am a wife to my fantastic hubby and  mother to our three amazing children and 2 fur babies. Molly the dog, and Videl the cat.

Molly 540056_10151685939520405_1253020429_n

I love writing, reading books, and I love quotes, I actually ‘collect’ them.

I love all things Skulls.  Skull print everything!!!

I am a determined and sometimes stubborn small town girl who loves couponing, contesting, writing reviews, and working hard.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and take a few minutes to read through some of my product reviews.



4 thoughts on “A little about Me

  1. Your story sounds very familiar..in live in Ontario Canada…very recently diagnosed with a thoracic syrinx 😦 my My symptoms all starting after a March 2007 car accident

    1. Hi Krista, Very nice to meet you. I have been a bit absent from this blog for a while, but got a notification in my email and wanted to drop by and say hi. There are a couple of posts here about Syringomyelia please take a few moments to read them if it is something that interests you. Hugs.

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