Elephant Mandala Tapestry Review

This review is for the Elephant Mandala Tapestry.
The Elephant Mandala Tapestry came neatly packaged in plastic packaging and included a booklet with information about tapestries, washing and care and the features of this tapestry.  It also included a bonus zippered cushion covering.
The bonus zippered cushion covering is brown on one side and has a brown floral pattern on the other size.  It has a zipper closure to ensure that it stays in place on the cushion.  The look of this cushion covering is complete with a tassel on each of the four corners.
The Tapestry is 100% cotton and has the feel and thinness of a cotton sheet.  The listing states that it is Queen size (86×56 inches), and although it might be queen size when it comes to tapestries it is too small to use as a queen size blanket or covering to completely cover a queen sized bed.  My bed is queen sized and this tapestry does not completely cover it. I have included a picture to show exactly how much too small it is.
However, it looks beautiful just covering half the bed across the bottom and even more beautiful as a wall hanging.  I think it looks great as a curtain behind my bed as well.
My first thought was that this Elephant Mandala Tapestry was far more beautiful and elegant than the product listing picture showed.   The Tapestry itself is white with a beige type color floral pattern and black elephant mandala pattern.
This Elephant Mandala Tapestry was made in India and adds a nice ethnic feeling to any room or space.  This is a versatile product and can be used as a blanket, furniture covering, wall hanging or curtains.  I am sure there are even many more ways to use this product.
Beautiful and elegant
Great way to add art to any room or space
A little smaller than a queen size blanket for a bed (but looks great as a foot covering)
Beautiful, Elegant, Ethnic, Art, these are just a few words to describe this beautiful piece.  If you are looking for something to brighten up a space and to be an eye catching piece this is definitely something worth considering.
You can purchase this  beautiful tapestry at:
Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted or free price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, this did not effect my review in any way. All opinions are my own after taking the time to review this item.


ChilAqua Fruit Infused Water Bottle – Product Review

This review is for Chilaqua Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. (blue)


The Chilaqua Fruit Infuser Water Bottle came neatly packaged in the product box. The bottle itself was wrapped in a soft material to prevent scratching or damages during shipping. The product box was then packaged in another shipping box and everything was shipped securely.

The package included:
1 Chilaqua Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
1 Silicone Ice ball maker
1 Offer for a free e-book (through their website)

The Infuser bottle was free from any scratches or cracks. It is a very high quality bottle with thick sturdy walls. The cover is sturdy with a nice thick handle. The infuser itself is just the right length to make room for ice at the bottom to keep your infused water cold. I loved the added silicone ice ball mold, It makes the ice just the right size to fit under the infuser in this bottle.

This Chilaqua water infuser bottle is BPA free. It is also dishwasher safe which is very convenient. However I have only washed it by hand so far because I prefer to wash our water bottles by hand. The Chilaqua infuser bottle comes apart in several pieces to make cleaning it very easy to do.


I like adding my fruit to the infuser and letting it set in the refrigerator soaking in the water over night for the next day, this gives the water the maximum flavor and benefits. When I get ready to use this bottle I add an ice cube from the included silicone ice ball mold into the bottom to keep my water colder for longer.

Over all I am really impressed with how sturdy this water infuser bottle is. My daughter has already began talking about using this bottle with added fruits to enhance her daily drinking water. Since I have only purchased one so far I am sure my three kids are going to argue over who gets to use it first.

I am definitely happy with this purchase and will most definitely be purchasing more for my kids for water bottles for school lunches in the new school year.

You can purchase the Chilaqua Fruit Infuser Water Bottle at:



Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, this did not effect my review in any way. All opinions are my own after taking the time to review this item and I stand behind my reviews and this product.