Waterproof Travel Duffel Bag

This review is for the Waterproof Travel Duffel Bag – Fold-able large capacity bag.


This bag came neatly folded into a semi disposable zip lock bag. I chose to keep this bag to store the travel duffel bag in when we are not using it. It was then neatly folded and zippered into the attached pouch. It is a dual purpose pouch in that the entire bag folds neatly into it for storage but it also works as an external zippered pouch on the bag when the bag is actually opened up and in use.

The bag was in perfect condition and free from any rips or tears. The stitching was really well done and it was quite sturdy. I was actually impressed that the material was much sturdier than I had expected it to be.

This bag could not have arrived at a better time. It arrived a day before I was getting ready for a 6 day – 5 night trip away with two of my children. So I decided this was great time to see just how convenient this bag was. I packed my sons clothes into it for the trip. We took a passenger bus so the bag was stored in the compartment for luggage that is located under the bus.

The bag itself was much larger than I had expected and I was able to fit what my son needed for the trip in this one bag.

All in all I was pleased with the quality of this bag. The convenience of being able to pack it in a suitcase fully folded for extra storage and be able to use it to pack things in on the return trip. When folded into the pouch it takes up very little room/space.

You can purchase this bag on Amazon at the following link:


I was unable to find the bag from the same seller on Amazon.com but there are several of these bags for sell from different sellers.

Seller One

Seller Two

Seller Three

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted or free price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, this did not effect my review in any way. All opinions are my own after taking the time to review this item and I stand behind my reviews and this product.



Clearly Contacts

Everywhere I went on the net I would see adds for Clearly Contacts (Clearly Contacts).  The one that caught my eye the most was the 1st pair free adds. I always wondered if this was actually true and I was Clearly….Skeptical.

ImageMy Husband was getting ready to go away to a new job and he needed new glasses badly.  So I decided to give it a try.  Nothing to loose with free glasses right?!

I placed the order for his frames and lenses, and just had to pay shipping which was just over $17.00.  I was super impressed, the last time I purchased glasses for either of us it cost me over $200.00.  So I placed the order and waited for them to arrive.  They ended up bumping our delivery to a faster service, so I never had to wait long.

When they arrived, they came right to my door, and were safely packaged.  They came with Cleaner, cleaning cloth and an eyeglass screwdriver for quick fixes.  Nice bonus’ for free glasses.

ImageWith ordering them off the internet my husband was not able to try them on.  This worried me a little.  We were able to upload a picture and try the glasses on virtually.  I however was still a little concerned.  But I need not to have been because the glasses fit perfectly.

ImageI was so impressed with the service I received from Clearly Contacts that I went on to order my own glasses from them. I choose a pair of Skechers brand glasses.  For my glasses and shipping I paid around $60.00. Image

The glasses arrived as my husbands did in a timely manner with the cleaning solution, cloth and screwdriver.

ImageI am super impressed with the prices, you can search their 1st pair free section, and you can search from lowest to highest price. They have a great selection of frames to choose from and they carry many brand name frames. The speed in which my order was processed was wonderful, they send emails to let you know they are shipped.  Above all else the customer service I received was wonderful, if you have questions they were more then happy to answer your questions and requests.  You can contact customer service by phone or online through their website chat, which was very convenient for me.

I have went on to recommend Clearly Contacts many many times, to friends, family, coworkers and even strangers. I give them 2 thumbs up, and I will definitely be using their services in the very near future.

Clearly Contacts currently got a 1st pair free deal on be sure to check out their website: Clearly Contacts

Enter code: FPF to receive your first pair free. (Offer available for 1st time Clearly Contact customers only)


Dr. Beckmann Color and Dirt Collector test!

I was chosen as a tester for this product from Stain talk Canada on their Facebook page.  http://www.facebook.com/staintalkcanada


I was really excited to get chosen because with three kids there is ALWAYS dirty clothes, always grass stains, dirt stains etc.


I received two color and dirt collectors in the mail as well as a $1.00 off coupon.!!  Anyone who knows me, would know that I absolutely LOVE coupons!!

The product is suppose to be able to be used in a mixed load of laundry, with different colors, whites, darks etc, all in the same load.  The color and dirt protector is suppose to trap the dye and dirt, and save the clothing from color bleeding!


Sounds great!! Now lets see just how this product works!

 I followed the directions that came with the color and dirt protector.  I loaded the washer full of different colors, I made sure to include one white shirt and one red shirt in the mix.


I had to know if this was going to work well, so red and white it was!!



The following notice is also on their product.

 Some of the things I had added into the laundry, a white shirt, a red shirt, dirty socks, kids clothes, I believe I even threw a towel in there, since I wanted the load to be completely mixed in colors and different laundry types.

 Adding the color and dirt protector to the wash.

 When the wash was all done, I compared the white and red, they were washed together and are both still wet in this picture.


My daughters white shirt was still WHITE  (thank goodness or I may have been in trouble for using it as a tester *giggles*)

The red did not bleed into the white at all.

I was very very impressed with this.

This is what the color and dirt protector looked like when it came out of my washer.  Wow.

I am just amazed at the color and dirt that it picked up.

Our town water is not very white looking, so I can imagine what is staying in our clothes, I was happy to see this product actually doing what it is suppose to do.  I think it is a great product, I would recommend it to family and friends, and anyone else who is willing to listen!! 


Great Job Stain Talk Canada and Dr. Beckmann for this great product, and the chance to be a tester!

This review was written entirely by me, because I love this product, I was not compensated in any way for doing so.

Bic Review

I recently received a package of Bic products to try and review from Brand Power.  If you are not already a member of this great site take a moment to join at http://www.brandpower.ca/  you can add little reviews for new products you try and every once in a while they have promotions to try new products that they will send you for your honest opinion on them.  I received:

  • Bic Velocity Bold ball pen Bold 1.6mm in black
  • Bic Tech Stylus and pen 2’n1 Medium 1.0 mm in black
  • Bic Matic RT Mechanical Pencil with lead and eraser refills Fine 0.5mm HB #2
  • Bic Atlantis ball pen Medium 1.0 mm in blue
  • Bic bright liner Highlighter Tape that erases                                                                                easily 1/5in x 22 ft in Yellow

 First thing I did was take each product and write a little to get a feel for how they write, what the ink was like, and just using the product.





Bic Atlantis ball pen Medium 1.0 mm in blue


I liked the ink in this pen, it was very smooth to write with, and I like medium ink.  I liked the color of the blue.

I liked that it was a click pen rather then a pen with a cover.

I liked the grip.

Over all I would give this pen a 8.5 out of 10 and would probably buy it in the NEAR future.


Great Job Bic!

 Bic Velocity Bold ball pen Bold 1.6mm in black

This pen really had me torn.

I loved the grip and the fact that it was a click pen.


I absolutely loved how smooth the ink was when I was writing, it was like my pen was skating across the page.


I loved how thick the ink was, bold ink is by far my favorite to write with.

BUT, and this is a big one for me

The ink ran in places, coming out thick and sorta smudged.  This for me was a big no.  I would not purchase this pen because of that. I usually toss pens once they start to give out too much ink.


Again I love love love the bold, and how smooth the ink is, but I would not purchase it unless Bic changed the leaking issue.

Because of the ink issue I would give this pen a 4 out of 10.


Bic Tech Stylus and pen 2’n1 Medium 1.0 mm in black 

I  really liked this pen, it was my favorite pen out of the ones I was lucky enough to review.

Again it was a click pen, which is a must when I purchase pens, I hardly ever purchase pens with covers.


I liked the ink, it was smooth.


 I liked the design of the pen as well, and the metallic color of the pen.

It was a comfortable pen to write with not too large and not too small so it fit very nicely in my hand and just felt good to write with.

The added Stylus at the top was a nice added bonus.


I took a few moments to try the stylus out on my phone.

It worked really well, actually better then I expected it too, one touch and it opened pages and did what I needed it to do.

I would recommend this product.

Over all I would give it a 9 out of 10.



 Bic Matic RT Mechanical Pencil with lead and eraser refills Fine 0.5mm HB #2 

I absolutely love this pencil!

I am mostly a pen person, but this pencil was great.


I loved that it came with refills for the leads.

I loved that it came with refills for the eraser.


The grip was great and it was a nice pencil to write with.






My favorite thing about this pencil?


Definitely the easy-retract technology.  With the quick click you can protect the lead and the head of the pencil.

I would definitely recommend this!

I give this a 10 out of 10

Great product Bic!!


 Bic bright liner Highlighter Tape that erases easily 1/5in x 22 ft in Yellow

This was the last product I tested.



To be completely honest I was not sure about this product.  I love highlighters.  I use them daily.  I am a bit of a highlighter snob and like the ink to be just right.

This product works great.  It dispenses the color very evenly and very smooth.  I liked how easy it was to use.

 I loved how there was no drying time.

I also found it great that it was able to be erased.

Having a highlighter that I can erase is amazing.


I think I just found the king of highlighters, and will definitely purchase this product in the future, the very very near future!!

I give this product a 10 out of 10.

Great new innovative product Bic!

I Loved the products, the only problem I had was with the Bic Velocity and the ink leaking, I loved everything else about that product.  Bic is by far a leading company in stationary products and I will continue to purchase from them, and am excited about their new products!!